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La gestualité italienne est incontournable
Posted by: lecomari /1280
Arianna talks “with his hands” What better way to explain the history, life and traditions than the hand gestures: a habit known to all and the guide of BARI is no exception. A new way to know and one’s cultural identity. Arianna was born in BARI and lives there, in old Bari and with her […]


Nardò and The Pettole – A delight of the Apulian cuisine
Posted by: redazione /1900
During a visit to Nardò, near Lecce, we had the chance to taste and discover the Pettole The pettole are an appetizer of the Apulian cuisine. They are small irregular balls of leavened dough fried in boiling oil. In the past, the Apulian pettole prepared themselves on the most important holidays and were handed down from […]


Castel Del Monte – Puglia
Posted by: redazione /2020
Ein wunderschöner Sommertag in Apulien, um das geheimnisvolle Bauwerk Castel del Monte, Symbol der Macht vom mittelalterlichen Kaiser Friederick II, zu besichtigen. Das Zirpen der Zikaden, die warme und reine Sommerluft des Murgia-Plateaus, der Zauber des Mittelalters… unmöglich, durch diese charmante Stimmung nicht entführt zu werden!