Bari at Sunset

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A few days ago, at the end of the tour of Bari with its monuments, some tourists decided to continue their stroll along the ancient walls and the seafront of the city…About half an hour later they looked astonished and started to take pictures. It was a warm evening, the yellow ochre of the sunset (colour) was changing into red ochre and again into pink and that created such an unforgettable moment that one of them said: “what a unique emotion, Bari is even more beautiful at sunset”.
We continued to walk and after a while the city lighting got (switched) on…They decided to find a good spot to take pictures of the city lights reflected in the sheet of the sea water.
Real and evoked colours made the difference.
When we said good-bye to each other they stated that Bari at night is “delightful” and that “they will not forget it”.
This is a taste of that sunset.

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