The story of the Comari

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this is Arianna, the householder, and I am going to tell you the story of the Comari.

The terracotta item represents the “Massaie” (Housewives), I got mine as a present from my mother for my 35th birthday, my sister chose it as a gift for her wedding guests and I associate it with my strong memories, when my grandmother used to tell me that

“we draw (our) life contour/outline”.

So I decided to use that terracotta to symbolize our tourist guide job, Le Comari di Puglia: Our job is about being with people, tell them about (our) history and, above all, talk a lot.

Ten years ago, when we started, there were only 3 of us, today we are about a dozen and we have both Comari (female tourist guides) and Compari (male tourist guides) coming from the whole of Puglia, we explain our territory in all its aspects and we work a lot with foreign tourists.

Our distinctive features are: to be kind, hospitable, to listen to and meet your needs.

One house, one family according to the best Apulian traditions


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