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One of the most famous monuments of our region is the Church of St. Nicholas in Bari.

This saint – that everyone knows thanks to the successful 2.0 version called „Santa Claus“ – is often named as „St. Nicholas of Bari“, even if he didn’t have much to do with our area, as he was Bishop of Myra, today’s Turkey –

Everytime I mention „Turkey“ there is always a wanna be professor in the group pointing out Turkey has nothing to do with Nicholas‘ culture: high five dude, you earned 10 points, 999,990 left to get my tour guide badge as a gift!).

St. Nicholas‘ spent most of his life in the TURKISH (LoL) town; he also visited Rome once just to have a chat in front of a cup of coffee (no, it was not known in Europe at that time, I don’t know what they used to sip while hanging around with friends) with his boss Pope Sylvester, and maybe, and I say maybe, he passed through Bari.

Seven centuries after his death, some sea men from our area went to TURKEY (re-LOL) and stole his bones (well, they were in a hurry, so they could grab only 65% of the relics – skull, some random bones and a little bit of that miraculous liquid called „manna“ or „myron“) to take them to Bari and build a new romanesque church.

The one you can still visit today.

La gestualité italienne est incontournable

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Arianna talks “with his hands”

What better way to explain the history, life and traditions than the hand gestures: a habit known to all and the guide of BARI is no exception.

A new way to know and one’s cultural identity. Arianna was born in BARI and lives there, in old Bari and with her savoir-faire she conquered her friends from France

A walk in the heart of ancient Bari with a small franch group who appreciated the friendliness of the inhabitants and their simplicity. Among the alleys and courts, ladies to chat and to prepare the “orecchiette”

And they also managed to attend the ceremony of entering a wedding in the Basilica of St. Nicholas.