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The symbol of Vieste is a huge 25m high stack on the beach. It’s a piece of sedimentary rock that was eroded throughout the centuries taking this shape. This is what scientists say.

The story told by local people is a little bit different. They call it Pizzomunno and they say it’s the name of a young man who was in love with a beautiful girl, Cristalda.

This feeling was so strong that the mermaids living in the Adriatic Sea were not able to seduce him with their beauty and their voice, because he didn’t want to cheat on his girlfriend. What did those fish-tailed chicks did as a revenge?

They waited for the couple to have some chilling time on the beach and then they suddenly came out of the water, kidnapped the girl and let her disappear in the bottom of the sea. Pizzomunno didn’t manage to save her, therefore he burst out crying out of desperation and was transformed into a rock.

According to the legend, they are allowed to meet each other once every hundred years.

Last year this story has achieved some popularity in Italy thanks to Max Gazzè, who sang a song about it at the most important music festival of the country, Sanremo’s Festival.


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